Volunteer opportunity to assist with investments

CCT seeks a volunteer or Trustee to lead on the management of CCT’s investment portfolio. There is the option of making this a full Trustee position, or a non-Trustee role acting in an advisory capacity to the Board and sitting on the Finance Committee.

The role will involve:

  • Regular monitoring of and quarterly reporting to the Board on the performance of investment portfolio
  • Acting as main point of contact with the Trust’s investment managers
  • Attending Finance Committee meetings (2-4 per year)
  • Attending quarterly Board meetings (if made full Trustee)
  • Supporting Trustees in decision making regarding investments (e.g. which fund to draw down from at a given time)
  • Supporting Trustees with period reviews of investment policy

Application deadline: Please send a CV and cover letter by 14/10/2019 to

Start date: January 2020

Location: Meetings are held in London or by remote webinar

For more information please contact

This is an unremunerated volunteer position