Who We Are

The Chagos Archipelago is a rare haven of beautiful reefs, diverse wildlife and clean waters, located in the midst of the Indian Ocean.

The Chagos Conservation Trust is a UK charity dedicated to protecting it.

What we do

Protecting a treasure

In a world ravaged by destruction and exploitation, the Chagos Archipelago has become a precious marine environment.

The Trust strives to preserve this collection of 55 islands and 60,000km of reefs for the many species that call it home, and for future generations to appreciate.

Inspiring action

It is the voices of passionate citizens that will protect this archipelago for years to come.

By sharing knowledge and understanding, we aim to convince people of its value to the world, and to more than a thousand different types of fish and coral that call it home.

Building our voice

We want to be an enduring voice of support for the archipelago for years to come.

By building a solid organisation, we can maintain and strengthen our role as a leading protector, researcher and educator in this area.

Staff & Trustees