Dr Bryan Wilson is one of four new CCT Trustees

The Chagos Conservation Trust is delighted to welcome four new Trustees to its Board: The University of Oxford’s Dr Bryan Wilson (pictured) as a Scientific Advisor, James Clarke steps into the Treasurer role, Jodey Peyton will lead on the Chagos Information Portal update project and help the Director launch members' talks later this year, and Amy Wilson is assisting with the revamp of the Trust’s website and will be the new Digital Lead.

Dr Wilson's area of expertise is the resilience and recovery of tropical coral reefs under continuing anthropogenic climate change. He specialises in the endangered brain coral, Ctenella chagius, endemic to the Chagos Archipelago, and is currently preparing an ‘Emergency Species Recovery Plan' to ensure its survival.

He has been a friend to the Trust for many years, collaborating on research work and expeditions, contributed to Chagos News, and most recently speaking at the Trust’s Annual General Meeting this year (watch his address here:

Read more about the other new Board members, plus all the Chagos Conservation Trust team here:

The Trust would like to thank the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds’ (RSPB) Sarah Havery, Zoological Society of London's (ZSL) Rachel Jones, former journalist Jonathan Hunt, and former RSPB's International Director and the Trust’s Secretary Alistair Gammell OBE for their years as Trustees and contributions to the charity. Former Treasurer Rachel McGoff will remain on the Board, taking over the vacated Secretary role.

The Trust’s Director, Sarah Puntan-Galea, said she couldn't lead the Trust without the dedication and hard work of all the Trustees who bring different specialisations, ideas and energy to the Board, giving their time voluntarily.

"We are especially grateful to Alistair, who has been associated with the Trust since 2009, spending nearly a decade on the Board, acting as Chair between appointments, and his work being key in helping to get the unique and precious Chagos Archipelago no-take marine reserve status. I am delighted he has agreed to stay on as the Director’s Advisor during his well-earned retirement."