The latest issue of Chagos News has been published

The latest issue of Chagos News has been published, and is available to read on the Trust's website here:

The annual publication features articles about scientific research work being carried out in the Chagos Archipelago, including an update on CCT's key rewilding project 'Healthy Islands, Healthy Reefs' by its Project Manager Dr Pete Carr; Chagos mangroves by Dr Mark Spalding; the problem of marine plastic pollution in the Chagos by ZSL's Rachel Jones; CCT's latest publication 'Guide to the Birds of the Chagos Archipelago'; why the Chagos Marine Protected Area needs to remain, by US-CCT's Lotte Purkis; how Chagos coral reefs are formed by CCT Chair Dr Natasha Gibson; and the cover story about the Chagos Manta Ray Project by its Director Dr Joanna Harris.

Chagos News is edited by Chagos Conservation Trust Director, Sarah Puntan-Galea, and designed by Michelle Bhatia.