Greenpeace UK support a no-take MPA for Chagos!

Greenpeace UK have just posted online their response to the consultation on whether to establish a Marine Protected Area in the Chagos. In this article, they confirm that they give their full support to the creation of a no-take Marine Reserve closed to commercial fishing, stating:

“Greenpeace believes that there is an overwhelming case for giving full protection to the waters of the Chagos as a no-take Marine Reserve”

As an organisation devoted to conservation of the environment, but also to human rights, Greenpeace are also clear about their support for the displaced Chagossian communities, and their opposition to the US military base at Diego Garcia.

Greenpeace also say that the protection of the Chagos should be seen as just a first step in conserving the world’s seas, and that we need networks of MPAs covering 40% of our oceans if we are to successfully protect its remaining biodiversity and ensure a sustainable future for all who depend on its resources.

Read the Greenpeace article online