Community Website Officer joins the CCT family

Pascalina Nellan, a UK-based member of the Chagossian community, has been employed by the Chagos Conservation Trust (CCT) on a part-time basis as the Community Website Officer. The website features news and information for and about the global Chagossian community in both English and Kreol (the native language of the community).

It was developed in partnership between the Chagossian diaspora group Chagossian Voices and CCT, with support from the Zoological Society of London and website developers Hands Up. Ms Nellan will work 15 hours a month to keep the content up-to-date, dynamic and relevant. A two-year funded position, she has been trained by Hands Up and will be managed by CCT Director, Sarah Puntan-Galea. When appointed, Ms Nellan had said she wanted to do the role to provide fact-based information to the Chagossian community and public. 

This is not the first partnership between CCT and Chagossian Voices, who worked together on Chagos Connect. Delivered by ZSL, the project increased environmental awareness and trained community members how to contribute to the conservation of the Chagos Archipelago. CCT has a member of the Chagossian community on its Board, and consults the community on its scientific work. It is hoped a member of the community will join the next expedition, who will help CCT restore sites of importance for the community as part of their 'Healthy Islands, Healthy Reefs' rewilding project.

Chagossian Voices also support the community at weekly community events organised in partnership the Chagossian Women’s Welfare Group and Chagos West Sussex Elderly group. For more information, contact