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The Chagos Conservation Trust (CCT), is the only charity dedicated solely to protecting and researching the environment in the incredible Chagos Archipelago. 

Despite the huge size of this unique place, and the enormity of the task, CCT itself is a small UK charity. With leading scientists and conservationists on our voluntary Trustee Board, however, we do punch above our weight.

The most obvious example of this is how we led the campaign to persuade the government to designate Chagos as a Marine Protected Area, the largest one in the world. 

We need your support to ensure Chagos remains fully protected, and to undertake vital research and conservation projects. For example, we want to save the last two mangrove forests and rescue much needed breeding grounds for internationally significant birds in the Archipelago – but we need more resources to do so. 

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You can also support the CCT’s work, and receive periodical news of developments and events through the Chagos News (published 2 or 3 times per year), by becoming a member.

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