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Dr. Natasha Gibson

Natasha is a Natural Resources Sustainability specialist with over 25 years’ experience in Africa, Australia, and Canada. Currently, she heads up the boutique firm Kotiya Consulting, and previously worked for Anglo American, De Beers, Mwana Africa plc, and Digby Wells Environmental. 

She has formulated and implemented successful environmental, biodiversity, rehabilitation, and clean energy projects, as well as community upliftment and local economic development programs. Natasha has also been an animal husbandry volunteer and educational outreach assistant at the Vancouver Aquarium and associated Marine Mammal Rescue Centre. Her background is in geology and archaeology.

“We are living through unprecedented times with regards to habitat destruction, species extinction, and degradation of the environment. We all know that the Chagos Archipelago is unusual because of its history minimal human impact, but even this remote area of the world suffers from invasive rodents, monoculture farming, and plastic pollution. All of us, whether experts or not, need to act to preserve our biodiversity on both land and in the oceans. I hope that my previous roles in environmental rehabilitation and biodiversity management on mine sites, coupled with my volunteer experience in marine educational outreach and marine mammal animal husbandry will be of benefit to CCT’s aims to preserve this unique habitat.”