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Date Subject Author Title URL Attachment
14.12.2015 Research Dr John Turner Darwin Science Expedition report 2015
31.5.2015 Research Catherine Head High prevalence of obligate coral-dwelling decapods on dead corals in the Chagos Archipelago
6.8.2014 Research Nicole Esteban, Graeme Hays, Jeanne Mortimer, Daniel Ierodiaconou Use of Long-Distance Migration Patterns of an Endangered Species to Inform Conservation Planning for the World’s Largest Marine Protected Area
25.6.2014 Research Heather Koldewey, Charles Sheppard, John Turner, Courtney Couch, Douglas Fenner, Elizabeth Widman, Jonathan Bailey, Jon Slayer, Melita Samoilys, Sophie Morgan, David Curnick, Anne Sheppard, Pete Carr Chagos 2014 Darwin Science and Conservation Expedition Report
25.6.2014 Research Chagos Admin Chagos 2014 Science Expedition Report
21.3.2014 Research Chagos Admin Chagos 2014 Science Expedition biographies
19.2.2013 Research Professor Charles Sheppard Chagos Research Expedition Outline - February 2013
1.2.2013 Research Heather Koldewey Chagos November 2012 Expedition Report
1.1.2012 Research Sheppard, C.R.C. et al Reefs and islands of the Chagos Archipelago, Indian Ocean: why it is the world's largest no-take marine protected area
1.5.2012 Research Yang S-Y, Keshavmurthy S, Obura D, Sheppard CRC, Visram S, Chen CA. Diversity and Distribution of Symbiodinium Associated with Seven Common Coral Species in the Chagos Archipelago, Central Indian Ocean. PLoSOne, May 2012 (5) e35836. 9 pp.