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Rudy's first impressions

Rudy PothinThroughout the expedition, Rudy Pothin, ZSL’s Chagos Environment Outreach Assistant, will be posting blogs in English and Creole about his experiences of Chagos.

English: After so many years of hearing stories, having dreams and even seeing pictures of where my family came from, I finally got the chance to not only come to Chagos but to also be part of a scientific expedition and work alongside some of the most amazing scientists and people as a whole. Coming down in the aeroplane and seeing Diego Garcia for the first time brought back a lot of memories that have been shared with me from my family. Although I was not born here, I have always felt drawn to it. Having the chance to quickly look around the town and seeing one of the many beautiful beaches I quickly realised this may have not been my birth place but I was home. The trees, birds, fish and beaches are a part of my life. Chagos was no longer a place in stories that I grew up with; for the first time it was real. I feel such a connection just being here that it is hard to explain, but I assure you that once you see it for yourself you cannot escape the bond, and the need to help protect this home we all call Chagos. I certainly would not be the person I am today without the dreams and hopes of my family, along with my personal enthusiasm to protect it.

Creole: Apre tou sa bann lannen in pase ki monn tann zistwar, rev e menm war portre kot mon fanmir i sorti. Mon finalman gany sans pou pa zis vin dan Chagos me pou osi vin parti dan en lekspedisyon siantifik e travay akote bann siantis tre bon koman en endividyel. An anpozan dan avyon e war Diego Garcia pou la premyer fwa i rapel mwan enta memwar ki mon fanmir in partaz avek mwan. Menm si mon pan ne isi, monn toultan santi mon pre avek li. Monn gany sans pou vitman get son pti lavil e war enn parmi son bann plizyer lans kin fer mon realize ki isi i pa neseserman landwa ki monn ne, me mon ariv se mon. Bann pye, zwazo, pwason ek lans i en parti mon lavi. Zot nepli zistwar ki monn grandi avek me pou la premyer fwa zot vre devan mwan. Mon santi en gran koneksyon ki enpe difisil pou eksplike, me mon asir ou kan ou vwar li pou ou menm ou pa pou kapab anpes ou konekte avek sa landwa e santi anvi protez sa lakour nou apel Chagos. Mon sertennman pa ti pou sa dimoun mon ete ozordi san bann rev e lanvi mon bann fanmir akote mon entouzyaz pou protez li.