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Does CCT work with Chagossian groups?

For several years we have been working with with members of the Chagossian community in the UK.

“As I saw on my recent visit to Diego Garcia and the Chagos, the pristine environment of the archipelago has to be continuously preserved. We are keen to work in partnership with the Chagos Conservation Trust. Preservation of the environment goes beyond the sphere of politics.” Allen Vincatassin, ‘President of the Provisional Government of Diego Garcia and the Chagos Islands’, Chagos Environment Network launch, April 2009 

Since 2011, we have funded a place for one member of the Chagossian community to accompany every scientific expedition to the Chagos Archipelago. Read about Rudy Plothin’s and Claudia Naraina’s experiences of expeditions. 

Through our partners the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) and with the support of other members of the Chagos Environment Network, we ran an outreach and training programme for Chagossians based in Crawley and Manchester. The programme allowed Chagossians to learn more about the Chagos environment about diving and the protection of coral reefs. Watch a video about the Chagossian Community Environment Project here. 

“I will do my ‘A’ level biology and then I hope to go to university to do marine biology. In the future I might do research out here [in Chagos].” Pascaline Cotte, 19, Chagos Conservation Trust scholar. 

You can learn more about the Chagossian Community Environment Project and ZSL’s other work in Chagos Archipelago on the ZSL website.